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Child Labour

Child Labour

The plight of children is heartbreaking when they are bonded labour. Our Government is taking drastic steps to prevent child labour and encouraging literacy to develop. According to our constitutional article 45 — Universal Free Compulsory Education should be achieved. We should join our hands to fulfill the goal of doing away with child labour and not wait for the Government to act. We need to stretch our helping hand and thereby we can initiate help from others. Though our work is a drop in the ocean, but every drop has its own contributions. A change should come from the hearts of everyone to achieve set goals. These little children are deprived of education privileges are working to earn their bread and butter. Everyone should feel responsible and check the child labour. Unless this social evil is curbed we can't avoid dropouts, stagnation and wastage for they being hurdles in the path of universal education.

At S.R.P. S. Shiksha Samiti we want to ensure that such child labour are rescued, rehabilitated and provided with education and the basic amenities like food, clothing and healthcare that is the right of any child. We will make efforts to identify such practices, report them to authorities and try to rehabilitate such children.


It is an evil practice where child labour is used in places like factories, industries, restaurants and even in homes as domestic help depriving them of rights of a child and his right to education. Join a growing group of socially responsible consumers who are sending the powerful signal that they will not support products made with child labor or through inhumane working conditions.

If you are interested in supporting child labour eradication and their rehabilitation, please contact: info@srpsshikshasamiti.com For sponsorship details or alternatively complete the contact form and our representative will contact you.