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Rural Development

Rural Development

The main objective of rural development has been to remove the poverty of the people and fill the widened gap between the rich and the poor. This has been also vocalized in the policy of the government, which says, ‘Rural poverty alleviation has been the primary concern in the economic planning and development process of the country’. Rural development programmes and government schemes for rural development address the overall improvement in the quality of life in the rural areas across India.

S.R.P. S. Shiksha Samiti takes up holistic rural development activities to achieve the overarching objective of reducing poverty. The activities include education, healthcare, skill development, agriculture, natural resource management, water and sanitation, financial inclusion and literacy, etc.

Some of the potential concepts which are helpful in the development of rural areas are summarized below :

  • Agricultural Operation
  • Sanitation and Health Care
  • Management Systems and Human Quality
  • Technology Transfer
  • Rural Industries

If you are interested to support rural area development project, please contact: info@srpsshikshasamiti.com For sponsorship details or alternatively complete the contact form and our representative will contact you.